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Healthconnect offers a suite of digital health solutions that enable healthcare providers to coordinate care across the community. These services improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of care delivered to patients and our communities.​

Health Information Exchange

Query and retrieve patient records from across the healthcare ecosystem

Diagnostic Image Sharing

Cloud-based image exchange that enables viewing and sharing of medical images


Real-time alerts when patients admitted, discharged or transferred to-and-from facilities

Health Services Research

Quality improvement focused health services and outcomes research into the health of communities

Direct Messaging

Direct secure email messaging between providers

Health Information Exchange

Greater Houston Healthconnect (GHH)—the region’s health information exchange (HIE)—serves 75 Texas counties and 40 Louisiana parishes. A non-profit organization, Healthconnect facilitates clinical integration across the care continuum by connecting disparate electronic health record systems across the region’s hospitals, health systems, integrated delivery networks, community clinics, physician office practices, and service providers.​

Health Information Exch

Diagnostic Image Sharing

Healthconnect is partnered with AMBRA Health, a medical data and image management cloud software company. Ambra makes medical images and radiology data easily accessible to all, from anywhere, on any device, in real time.


+ Improves Care


Enables timely access and delivery of prior medical images and reports. Reduces duplicate studies and unnecessary exposure.


+ Delivers Efficiencies

Facilitates delivery of medical images via a secure link to any provider throughout the US. View images in the cloud or download into your PACS. View associated radiology reports.


+ Saves Money

Eliminates the need for costly CD-burning, mailing and courier costs, and associated labor expense. 

Diagnostic Image Sharing


Patients have multiple touch-points across the healthcare community. But information doesn’t always flow seamlessly from provider-to-provider. Our Notifications program allows you to monitor your patients as they move through the healthcare ecosystem, ensuring that your patients don’t fall through the cracks during key transitions of care.

+ Real-Time Delivery

Enables real-time delivery of patient encounter information

+ Improves Patient Coordination

Facilitates better care coordination of patients across provider community

Lowers Cost of Care

Enables more cost-effective delivery of services especially when managing populations at-risk

+ Reduces Unnecessary Services

Reduces redundant diagnostic testing, hospital readmissions, and over-utilization of services

Aligned With New Care Models 

Supports novel care and payment delivery models including ACOs, bundled-payments, at-risk value-based care


Health Services Research

The large academic institutions within the Texas Medical Center have sponsored our initial efforts to assist quality improvement based health services research, which leverages the data assets and technology infrastructure of Healthconnect


+ Improving Community Health

This initiative will uncover clinical and research insights which could meaningfully impact the health of South East Texas.


+ Population Health at Scale

Healthconnect’s robust clinical data assets can enable population health research on a massive scale.


+ Pioneering Innovation

The innovative efforts of this research initiative are pioneering in scope—Healthconnect is one of the first HIEs in the country to leverage its data assets for outcomes and health services research.


+ Increasing Competitiveness

This initiative will expand the competitiveness of the region—attracting the best research talent, encouraging more federal and state research funding for the TMC, and attract healthcare investments for the region.

Health Services Research

Direct Messaging

Direct Messaging enables the exchange of clinical information from provider-to-provider. Clinicians can securely send and receive referrals, test results, and clinical documents. All messages and attachments are automatically encrypted and securely delivered. Direct Messaging can also be integrated with your electronic health record system.


Direct Messaging improves the transmission of health information – it’s simple, fast, secure, and system agnostic.

Direct messaging
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