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The Importance of HIEs

The evolution of healthcare creates opportunities for Healthconnect to change the way care is delivered in the community.​

Population Health

Healthconnect is the foundation of a successful population health management solution—a data-driven fully-integrated care model that serves patients based on risks, conditions, and the overall health of populations.

Health Analytics

Data analytic initiatives require a richer understanding of patients and populations. Healthconnect’s services can identify high emergency room use, syndromic monitoring, potential drug abusers, contra-indications, and the over or under-utilization of healthcare

Value-Based Care

Healthconnect’s services facilitate timely interventions for care improvement initiatives such as readmission reduction, bundled payments, value-based care, etc.—initiatives that many providers are moving towards as payment models evolve.

Bending the Cost-Curve

Healthconnect bends the healthcare cost curve eliminating redundant and over-utilized care. Through better information, superfluous diagnostic testing/imaging can be reduced and unnecessary and costly hospital admissions can be avoided.

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